Astro Boy Anime

Astro Boy: Classic gets new anime series

As has now been announced, the manga “Astro Boy” by Osamu Tezuka will receive an anime reboot. You could also secure a big name for the new anime series.

Astro Boy Anime

The CG-animated series will be a collaboration between Method Animation and Shibuya Productions, which will be directed by Thomas Astruc, creator of the popular series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. The new adventure of the little cyborg should contain a total of 52 episodes, which should also deal with today’s topics such as social media, the environment and more. It is currently unknown when and where the anime series will be shown.

Astro Boy was first published in Kobunsha’s Shonen magazine on April 3, 1952. The series was completed on March 12, 1968 after 23 anthologies. Over time, the series has inspired several anime television series, video games, and movies.

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